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The Proposal on the Great Wall of China

A plan turned into a memory. Carrying the ring onto the airplane and getting it to China was very nerve racking. Don't lose it, don't let her find it, make sure it's safe.
Following the tour we had in China, I had to do the proposal the day we were at the Great Wall. I would have much rather have done it on my 25th birthday, which I celebrated there, but the 11th it had to be, November 11, 2006. About 3:30 pm China time or 1:30 am Chicago time.


I waited for everyone to leave the area where I was going to do the proposal, then when the last couple left I did it. Mo and Aza, a couple we met on the trip were the last couple to leave, they happened to turn around and see me doing it, and quick snapped a shot. Thanks to them we have the picture below.

Something that not many people can say. "I got engaged on The Great Wall of China."