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The History of Krissy and Phil

Where we met?
Justin's apartment party at NIU, October 1, 2004.

How we met?
Justin, a friend of Phil's, and Missy, a friend of Krissy's lived in the same apartment building. They would have combined parties, we first met in Missy's apartment, back when Krissy first saw Phil, and thought he was cute. Phil had no idea, but thought the same of her.
Three parties later, (October 1, 2004) we began talking and had our first picture together:

When we started dating?
Officially: October 19, 2004.

Where did you get engaged?
Well do I have a story to tell: The Great Wall Proposal

Where you going on your honeymoon? Any Plans?
Yes, thanks to Krissy's cousins, Joe and Lynnette: Cancun for 7 days.


Kristine Lynn Karuhn
Grew up in Woodridge, IL with her 3 siblings, Ken, Keith and Kim. Ken her oldest brother is married to Pam, with one child, Alex and they live in Villa Park, IL. Keith, next in age, married to Jennifer in May of 2004, currently live in Henderson, Nevada. Kim, her only sister is married to Yoshi (Josh), in July of 2006, and had their first baby, Lillian Sophia, May 16, 2007.

Krissy graduated in May of 2005 with a bachelor's in Geology at NIU, and walked with Phil in December 2005. She has recently finished her thesis to complete her Masters at Northern Illinois University in Geology, emphisis in Hydrogeology. She was offered a job at CRA, an enviromental firm in Chicago. She started there August 16, 2007, and has been working there since.

Krissy has her own website (with Phil's help) www.Karuhn.com where now it just has her sister, Kim's, wedding pictures from July 2006.

Philip Conrad White
Grew up in Aurora on the east side until age 7, then moved to Yorkville, IL where his parents still reside. Phil is an only child and graduated from NIU in December of 2005 with a bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering.

Phil is currently is working at Telma Retarder Inc. as a Customer Support Engineer. He has the responsibility of supporting the customer base with technical issues, for the whole USA and Canada for Telma.

Phil bought his first house in May 2006 in South Elgin. Krissy and Phil currently live there.

He also maintains his own website, (including this one) www.PhotoFill.com where he has a photoblog and posts pictures. Another website of his www.whiteography.com is for his father and his wedding photography and videography business.