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Phil's Great Aunt Mary Alice

Aunt Mary Alice is Phil's great aunt, who was dancing at our wedding and fell backwards. This injured her left arm, causing bleeding, and also her right arm as well. Below is more information and updates on her for those who have been asking.

Update 11.13.07

Update on Mary Alice:
I talked with aunt Mary Alice last week (week of Nov. 5), and it is most definitely unfortunate she had fallen. But after talking with her, i feel so much better for her. She is coping, and handling what she can. She is spending a great deal of one-on-one time with her kids. They are taking turns coming for visits for a few days to help with what needs to be done. I forgot who she said, but someone (maybe Greg) was coming last weekend to teach uncle Harry how to run the washing machine. She sounds as though she is loving every minute of it...of the time with her children. Neighbors and friends have been wonderful bringing them food, or coupons for meals where uncle Harry can pick up the food and bring it home. I told her it sounds as though she as a great circle of friends to help her through this mess. While we were on the phone the door bell rang and someone was bringing dinner. One other thing she was so happy with is she has not had a cigarette since the fall. She sounds thrilled about it, but is using a patch and admits it's not over yet. I told her the actual addiction goes away in three days....it's the habit that seems to last forever.

Thanks everyone for your concern and wondering about updates.


Update 10.29.07

She had surgery the Sunday after the wedding to put pins in the left arm to hold in place the multiple fractures. The right arm was treated with a cast.

Julia drove Mom and Dad back home last Wednesday so that Mom could visit the Orthopedic doctor on Thursday. He evaluated the work that had been done and asked her to come back for another appointment this Friday November 2nd to check how the breaks are healing and to get a new cast. She also visited her primary care doctor last Friday and all other areas seem to be pretty good.

The swelling has gone down and she uses a kids spoon and fork with large grips to feed herself. She is also able to get around the house for most routine daily activities with some help. Overall, she is pretty comfortable.

Thanks to everyone for their concern.



Thank you for being at Phil and Krissy's wedding. I can't tell you how wonderful it made us feel to have such great family and friends together to celebrate as they start their new chapter together.

For those of you who witnessed my aunt falling, I want to let you know what happened. My aunt Mary Alice fell on the dance floor breaking both her arms just before the wrists. Her right arm was a nondisplaced break, but her left arm was a compound fracture that was broken in 8-10 places. The ambulance took her to St. Alexius Medical Center where she had surgery Sunday morning. She has rods and pins in it to put it back together including a stretcher bar. I feel so badly for her, and she felt badly to have put a 'damper' on the evening, I was much more concerned for her health. My cousin, Jim, was dancing with her, spun her and let go of her hand, then down she went. A biggest part of the problem was she had just bought her shoes the day before the wedding, and they were slippery. She has osteoporosis, and has a herniated disc in her back. I was afraid she did damage to her back, too. It was a surprise to everyone in my Mom's family that she was coming because of her bad back. How u nfortunate for this to happen to her. Mary Alice will be spending time with her kids as she recuperates. My aunt and uncle live in Woodruff, Wisconsin, so it will be a long ride home.
Jim made her laugh Sunday, after the surgery. He told her that he was ready to dance again whenever she was, but he was just not going to dance with her.....she laughed, and of course, Jim feels horrible. It was just an unfortunate accident.

Love to all,
Sharon and Dana